Stomach Balloon Process

Stomach Balloon Process

Medical science has revealed many diseases related to obesity and overweight, and has many different treatments for this as well. Obesity and weight gain are directly and indirectly related to many diseases such as (hypertension, arthritis, respiratory disorders, and stroke) etc.
The stomach balloon process at Park International Center is one of the best process to lose weight. It is a non-invasive process, aimed at losing weight by reducing the area of ​​the stomach in order to reduce food intake and a feeling of satiety. An empty balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth, after which it is filled with a liquid solution or gas.

Stomach balloon candidates:
– The patient must be over 18 years old.
– It should not have any accumulations of fat in certain places, and if it is found, it is better for this case to process liposuction.
– Not to be suffering from chronic gastritis or stomach ulcers.
-This process is suitable for those with a BMI of between 30 and 35, and for a BMI with more than 35, the process will not produce satisfactory results with him (BMI or BMI, which is the method of calculating the level of obesity as follows: BMI = weight) In kilograms (÷ (length (in meters)) ²

Before stomach balloon process:
There are some tests to check your general physical and psychological condition before the process
Complete blood test
Lung Test
Chest x-ray
Pregnancy test for women patients

Stomach balloon process method:

The process takes place in our center under general or partial anesthesia (according to the vision of the specialist) and the patient is given a sedative to help him relax and so that the esophagus does not also occur when the endoscope is inserted, after which the balloon is inserted through an oral speculum.
Use a liquid silicone balloon or an air balloon to insert it into your stomach. These balloons are not permanent and they can only be in your stomach for 6 to 9 months (air balloon) and one year (liquid balloon), after which the doctor will remove them from your stomach.
In the case of using the technique (orpera or recipe balloon) the balloon will shrink, but in the case of using (opalon) a small capsule or several capsules are inserted into the stomach.
And in the case of using (Orpera or Rescue Balloon), the doctor fills the balloon with a sterile saline catheter by adding simple drops of a blue dye.
As for using opalone technology, the doctor fills the balloon with hydrogen gas because it is very light and safe.
A stomach balloon, given the presence of liquid or gas, occupies a portion of the stomach area, thereby reducing the size of your stomach for eating, on the other hand, making you feel hungry late, and thus within 9 months you will lose 35% of your weight.
After completing the process, the patient will spend some time in our center under the care of the nursing team to check with the doctor about the results of the process. It takes only 15-30 minutes and you can go home on the same day.

After stomach balloon process:
– Heavy activities should not be used until the body gets used to the balloon in the stomach, after which it can practice its life normally.
-In the first three days after the process, the patient should avoid eating, and he should only stick to fluids in order not to avoid vomiting.
-The patient must follow the doctor’s instructions after the process to obtain the best results.
– After six months have passed, the balloon is emptied and removed from the stomach using a digestive endoscope.

Stomach balloon removal:

– The balloon removal process takes approximately 20-30 minutes, as it is removed using an endoscope from the mouth.
– Fasting should be applied to the patient 48 hours before the process, and 12 hours before the fluid fluid.
– It is preferable for the patient to exercise and commit to a healthy diet in order to avoid gaining weight again.

Complications of stomach balloon:
– A balloon puncture may occur and its contents will be emptied of the stomach, at which time the patient will notice that the urine is colored in a blue color, and of course the doctor must enter this case to remove the balloon.
– A blockage in the intestine may be limited, and it is considered a serious complication. This occurs as a result of balloon recession and contraction, and thus it is entered into the intestine, so if the patient feels any pain he must inform the doctor.
– stomach ulcers, as a result of balloon friction with the stomach wall and also the result of the secretion of stomach acids significantly, which works on congestion of the wall and the formation of ulcers.
– Infection may occur after the process, and this is the result of contamination of the tools that are used to enter the balloon, so it is necessary to choose a center with confidence as the Park International Center.
In some cases, the patient may feel reflux and indigestion.
– In some cases, problems occur in the digestive system after the process.
The patient may feel nauseous in the first days after the process, which is normal because the body will try to release the balloon, but then the body will get it back.
Pancreatitis, which is a sudden inflammation of the pancreas, may occur as a result of balloon pressure on the internal organs.
By choosing the right doctor and apprentice as our center, the process goes through without any of the symptoms we mentioned.

Stomach balloon is one of the non-surgical solutions used to lose weight at the Park International Center, which is carried out by the best doctors with the help of a highly experienced nursing staff, and with tools and techniques that are compatible with the current European standards of the highest quality.

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