The nose has a three-dimensional appearance … so it is the most attractive organ of the face, and its vital functions are definitely very important.
In cases where the shape of the nose is incompatible with the face and its structure affects the person’s psyche just as it affects his breathing, here comes the role of rhinoplasty at Park International Medical Center as it is the most beneficial and ideal solution for such cases, especially since Turkey is one of the most likely countries For this type of surgery.
Rhinoplasty is a procedure aimed at changing the shape of the nose or eliminating factors that make breathing difficult. Rhinoplasty is performed by our surgeons who specialize in the branches of ear, nose and throat and plastic surgery, which is performed repeatedly in the world and is one of the low risk surgeries.

Candidates for Rhinoplasty:
People generally dissatisfied with the shape of their nose. –
– People with a nose that is not consistent with the structure of the face (large or small in relation to the face).
People who suffer from difficulty breathing. –
Significantly curved nose owners. –
People with birth defects or those who were later affected (such as accidents and trauma, for example…) . Large nostrils
Flat nose. –
.Those over 18 years of age when the facial bone growth is complete –
Those without any sinus infections or infections. –

Before Rhinoplasty:
A discussion session will be held with your specialist doctor in our center, where he will tell you about the progress of the operation and the expected result from it, as well as your medical history will discuss with you where you have to inform your doctor of the medicines you use and whether you suffer from nasal congestion and the diseases that you suffered from, then some laboratory tests are conducted from Before your doctor, then the structure of your face is checked inside and out. Where your doctor will examine your physical characteristics and health and determine whether you can operate and what changes can be made to your nose.
Performing a number of tests and analyzes such as a complete blood picture, and checking the level of sugar and blood pressure.
The face is then photographed from different angles in order to compare to the final shape after the operation.
At least 15 days before the operation, you should stop taking medicines that contain aspirin and ibuprofen because it will increase bleeding. You also need to stop smoking before the procedure. Because smoking delays healing and increases the risk of infection.

Rhinoplasty method:
The Rhinoplasty at Park International Center takes approximately 1-3 hours, and there are two types of rhinitis:
Open Rhinoplasty: In this process, a small incision is made at the bottom of the nostrils and the skin is removed. This technique gives the surgeon a wider viewing angle. The nose-opening technique is used in patients with advanced deformity or a previous history of plastic surgery.
Closed Rhinoplasty: In this process, the incisions are inside the nostrils. Although the surgical field of view is limited in this technique, there is no possibility of scar stitch visible from the outside. In addition, the recovery time is relatively short and bruising and edema may be less than the open Rhinoplasty method.
Under the influence of total anesthesia often (local anesthesia can also be used depending on the vision of the specialist surgeon and the patient’s desire) the surgeon deals with all the bones, soft tissues, cartilage, skin, and fat that the nose contains, and it maps the nose and identifies the parts that it gets rid of And to remove it, a simple opening is made in the nose bunny or from the inside to allow entry to the precise devices used to reshape the nose.
If the nose is broad or long or has prominent bones, and the patient aims to reduce it, an excision is made of bone parts, tissues or excess fat after the opening of the skin, and then reshape the nose again, either if the nose is small or has atrophy or a lack of nasal tissue The patient aims to enlarge it. Here, patches of tissue, cartilage, or fat are transplanted from the body onto the nose and then reshaped.
A splint is placed on the nose for 7-10 days and it is made of light supportive materials to get the nose back into the new position. Some swelling and swelling may occur in the nose which are normal symptoms that disappear after a period, ranging from one month to 3, and the final result appears within months.

After Rhinoplasty:
It is not recommended to stand for 6 hours after surgery. –
Feeling dizzy. –
Bruising or swelling around the eyes. –
Feeling the taste of blood in the mouth. –
. Feeling sick and vomiting –
– Do not eat foods after the operation for at least 6 hours, and it is advised to try liquids in general.
Keep a high pillow under the head. –
– Do not inhale the water (insertion of water into the nose) for a period of not less than 15 days.

Thanks to the development of technologies used in the Park International Medical Center, and the application of innovative modern methods in the aesthetic field, the procedure for nose surgery is much simpler, compared to what it was in the past.
After getting rid of the defect in the area of ​​the nose through the plastic surgery process in the hands of our specialized surgeons, a person can breathe in a correct and healthy way, and this process will also help him to obtain the shape of the nose he desires.

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