Neck lift Surgery

Neck lift Surgery

Sagging area under the chin and neck and the loss of its elasticity are among the factors of aging, these sagging and wrinkles in the neck area may require concealment with different types of clothes (such as shawls, for example), but what if you are bored of hiding those wrinkles!
At Park International Medical Center we offer you a neck lift, which removes excess fat and skin sagging in the neck area under the supervision of a skilled and experienced surgical and medical professional.

Candidates for neck lift:
Persons over 40 years of age, sagging before this age can be treated with many methods and techniques.
– Flexible skin owners to ensure the skin returns to normal after the procedure.
That the patient does not have any chronic diseases. –
That the problem be visible in the neck or chin and not just mites. –

Before neck lift:
Refrain from eating food at least 8 hours before.
Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 15 days.
Do not take medications, supplements, and herbs that may cause blood fluidity.
Not to make a muscular or psychological effort at least one day before the operation.

Neck lift method:
Before the operation, the patient must undergo a direct examination at the Park International Center at the hands of our professional doctors and nurses. The doctor requests some necessary tests and examinations before the operation, as he learns everything related to the patient’s health condition, especially his history with chronic diseases, some cases need to tighten flabby skin only, And some of them need to dissolve fat with skin tightening, or even face lifting with the neck, and all these issues are recognized and determined by the doctor before the operation, in order to prepare with the necessary techniques.
– Anesthesia stage: Anesthesia may be localized, but overall anesthesia is preferred due to the accuracy of the operation and the location of the procedure (neck).
– – Surgical incision stage: it varies from case to case and from one patient to another and is determined according to the size of the cosmetic procedure. Neck and chin.
– – Liposuction stage: Essential for those who suffer from excess fat or flabby skin. In this case, the doctor only needs to open a small incision that is sufficient to use the liposuction techniques.
– – Muscle tightening stage: the muscles are stretched from the middle of the neck to the bottom of the chin and sometimes from the bottom of the ear to get rid of the muscles in the neck.
After tightening the muscles and removing the excess fat, the skin is replaced on the neck, any excess skin is removed and the wound is closed by sewing. The process takes 2-3 hours. The wound can be closed using melted or normal sutures.
On the first day after the operation, the patient should never make any movement so that the neck does not move with it, and the mattress must be adhered to at least 3 days, after which he wears a medical corset or tight pieces of pressure on the neck area in the first week of the operation, in order to reduce swelling.
The results of the neck lift in the Park International Center last up to a minimum of 5 years, taking into account the commitment to the teachings of the recovery period and the review of the specialist.

Risks of a neck lift:
Temporary bruising –
Swelling and numbness of the surgical site –
Feeling of malaise –
Dry skin in the operation area –
The above are all temporary symptoms that will fade according to the case, and you do not worry about them.
– Injury to nerves that control facial muscles.
Infection and bleeding. –
Bad recovery. –
Assumed scarring. –
These risks that are caused by resorting to centers that do not have the news, accuracy and due diligence.

It is advised to wear loose clothes in general so that the neck is not affected when taking off and wearing the clothes, and certainly the medications prescribed by our doctors in the center must be observed with their appointments to avoid any side effects.

Park International Medical Center is distinguished by the long experience and the highly qualified staff of the doctors in the field of plastic surgery in general and neck lift in particular, as the center possesses the advanced capabilities that are used to equip the, and the patient will experience himself the professionalism of our doctors and the extreme care that the patient receives from entering Turkey to She left.

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