Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Surgery

Did you get tired of repeating and returning diets of all kinds lady !, and did you strain with a lot of exercise!?
However, you did not pray to the shape of the body that you want?
Did you lose some weight, sir, by exercising or otherwise, and you couldn’t lose the stubborn fat accumulated in your abdomen and sides?
So … you need a liposuction at Park International Medical Center.
The process of liposuction is the removal of excess fat in certain areas of the body, in order to improve the appearance of the body in terms of aesthetics and to reduce the waist circumference in addition to the surroundings of other areas of the body. In this surgery, a special device is used, which sucks out small portions of the accumulated excess fat tissue with a vacuum pump.
It is not possible to perform this process in all areas of the body that contain excess fat (for example, cellulite). Usually, the operation is done to vacuum the excess fat in the abdomen, hips, loins, buttocks, arms, and areas under the chin.

Preparing for liposuction:
First and foremost, a consultative meeting with our doctors is determined at the Park International Center, during which the patient is examined if he suffers from other diseases that may not allow liposuction, and the reasons that led them to resort to this type of operation are examined, then he performs The physician specializes in identifying the areas from which the fat can be sucked into the sick body, and which areas it is desirable to have liposuction from.
Then some tests are done such as comprehensive blood analysis, blood chemistry and coagulation tests. If the patient is old, a chest X-ray and an electrocardiogram are performed.

Method of liposuction:
Under general or local anesthesia according to the opinion of the specialist doctor and according to the areas from which liposuction will be extracted, our specialist doctor will draw lines by means of a fountain pen on the patient’s body to determine the areas that have been chosen for liposuction. The patient undergoes local anesthesia if the areas from which liposuction will be relatively small. After thorough and accurate basic skin disinfection and according to international specifications, a small incision is made, with a length of 0.5 cm, through this incision a suction needle is inserted, which in turn connects to a transparent tube evacuated from the air. Pressure differential theory.
One of the rules for liposuction is that only 2-5 liters of fat is pumped up as a maximum, so that the tissue will not be affected by any damage, even if it is small.
Patients who have been sucking out medium or large amounts of fat from them are forced to stay for one night in our center to monitor their health, and finally a small bandage is placed over the incision area. Immediately after the operation, the patient wears supportive pants or a supportive belt – according to the area from which the liposuction was removed.

Cons and risks of liposuction:

Surgical incision infection – often superficial and locally treate.-
Bleeding in the surgical area, after local tissue damage.-
-Scar-like scar resulting from the surgical incision to heal depends on the quality of the electrode and genes. There is no way to predict how scar tissue will heal after the operation, but it usually fades with time and this is what we guarantee at Park International because of our confidence in the expertise of our doctors and nurses.
Sensation of numbness, which is a temporary sensation due to slight damage to nerves in the area of ​​the operation from which liposuction has been done.
After liposuction:
Put on a support belt or pressure pants for 3-6 weeks, to reduce swelling.-
-Take painkillers if the patient feels pain after liposuction. In some cases, the patient should go directly to the doctor, which is: feeling pain that does not go away even with the use of analgesics, nervous phenomena such as: loss of feeling or feeling weak, high temperature. Shortness of breath, discharge from the surgical incision or bleeding.

Types of liposuction:
1- Cooling melted fat: Exposing the fat cells to a low temperature for a certain period, thus freezing and dying. It is one of the most common and approved liposuction by the World Health Organization and the body is disposed of by the liver without any surgical intervention during a period ranging between a month and 3 months, meaning it is not a fast results method, and only 20-25% of the fat percentage is removed in one session.
2- Laser fat dissolving: It is a safe and effective method, as the use of laser technology that stimulates the skin to produce collagen, which in turn tightens the skin and makes it more youthful and vital and eliminates flabs, which is also authorized.
3- Ultrasound fat dissolving: This technique relies on using a mixture of low-frequency sound waves, lasers and cold air to break up fat cells and convert them into free fatty acids that are easy for the body to get rid of, as well as work to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite lines. It can be used on the abdomen, back, waist, chest, arms, legs and chin.
4- Dissolving fat with radiofrequency: a safe method on the cells of the body and depends on the production of heat energy from the wave device used, which in turn breaks down the fat cells in the region and helps the body get rid of them. These waves also stimulate the skin to produce collagen, and helps to tighten the skin.

Many people resort to liposuction after the failure of other means to reduce weight or to improve the outward appearance by combining with physical activity and maintaining proper nutrition, and this is what we will help you in the Park International Center.

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