Gynecomastia Surgery For Men

Gynecomastia Surgery For Men

Plastic surgery is not only limited to solving cosmetic problems in women .. There are many aesthetic procedures for men. Gynecomastia comes to life. In some men, breast growth is usually observed in adolescence. It is a very worrying situation for men. Not only in adolescence, but also in the following stages, and also in the case of weight loss, which leads to sagging chest area in some males.
The problem of gynecomastia has become very common among men which causes enlarged breasts, which may become a source of embarrassment for the man and affect his self-confidence. Although gynecomastia is not a risk in itself, there are procedures that men may undergo to remove excess tissue that makes them own a breast, and we at Park International are performing this process with the hands of experienced and experienced surgeons to ensure results.
Breast reduction in men is a surgery aimed at getting rid of the tissues that make up the breast. By usually slitting the nipple, the skin and excess tissue in the breast is removed, giving the patient a more attractive male chest.

Gynecomastia surgery candidates:
Each of the men who have one of the following factors is suitable for surgery:
Genetic factors.-
– Sheikha.
Weight loos. –
-Men took some medications that contain certain chemicals after marriage, which are considered among the sexual stimulants.
The presence of a deficiency in the male sex hormone, testosterone.-
Some cancers affecting the person or pituitary disease.-
Increased thyroid secretions or liver failure and cirrhosis.-
Using steroids.-
Use of estrogen-containing medications.-
The use of testosterone from herbal sources.-

Gynecomastia surgery method:
The patient undergoes a series of analyzes and x-rays that are determined according to several factors, namely: the patient’s age, the reasons for the appearance of gynecomastia, which is determined by the specialist in our center through discussion with the patient before the operation, and chronic cases are unknown the cause of gynecomastia in men is the optimal solution to this The problem is through surgical intervention, the doctor advises the patient to refrain from taking aspirin or any blood thinners, because the incidence of bruising and blood swelling is high after the process of gynecomastia removal.
Anesthesia is usually complete, and surgery lasts for only 30-60 minutes. An opening is made just below the area surrounding the nipple and the glandular tissue is removed. The internal tissues are immersed in a specific solution before starting the liposuction process. The suction can be used in the event that if Gynecomastia is simple and first degree or in cases of false gynecomastia, which is the presence of fatty tissue only without the presence of glandular tissue.
It is possible for the patient to need liposuction with the removal of the mammary gland if it is enlarged through a small incision below the nipple aura, and it can be done using lasers to prevent scarring, as it may need to vacuum the breast fat in addition to tightening the skin to reduce the size of the enlarged breast, and this procedure is done Within about half an hour with the application of local anesthesia, the patient will come out immediately after him and be able to practice his work the next day and return to his daily activities after 5 days of the operation.
Surgery does not result in any scars or traces of surgery, and is highly satisfied. It can return to work after a few days.

After gynecomastia surgery:
Not exercising for at least 4 weeks.-
Wear the compression garter for 4 weeks after the procedure.-
Consult the specialist about the type of medication to use.-
Refrain from drinking alcohol.-
.stop smoking –
-The patient is expected to return to work 10 days after the operation. The most important thing about this surgery is that the results can be seen almost immediately. The patient will notice his male chest as soon as the swelling is gone after surgery.

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