Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery

People who suffer from obesity try to tackle this problem through a group of ways, especially cosmetic operations, but these operations do not come in one style, but differ in need and use, which applies to the process of converting the path of the stomach, which is one of the most important and most effective processes with respect to By treating this problem, we have succeeded at the Park International Center by making the process of converting the path to achieve high rates of success as this process has now become the best option for those who want a quick solution to the problem of obesity.
The process of gastric bypass has a great degree of smoothness and safety in our center, and it also helps in recovering from diabetes. Some people who suffer from diabetes may find in the process of converting the path a haven for them, this is of course if they suffer from obesity as well, as diabetes is A serious disease related to those secretions that get rid of the pathway conversion process.
The process delivers the person the ideal desired weight, without affecting the overall health, and this is very important and must be taken into account within the advantages because there are some processes that have a lot of negative effects, but diversion does not.

Candidates for gastric bypass:
– Those who have a proper weight for the process, not everyone suffering from obesity becomes required to perform a process of converting the stomach path and suitable for it.
– People with diabetes who want to get rid of them, these people will have the most appropriate process for them, as they will get rid of excess weight in the beginning and then they will be able to get rid of diabetes.
– Those who suffer from the problem of the body absorption of food, a problem that most overweight people suffer from.
– Those who have appropriate expectations for the process, since the expectations should not be high or exaggerated because it will make it difficult to deal with the results of the process earlier.

Before gastric bypass:
There are a set of things that must be done before that to ensure the positive result, the most important of which are:
– Performing the appropriate checks to ensure that they are suitable for the operation.
– Ensure that there is no pregnancy for women.
– Fasting for half a day before the operation, so that the body is well prepared to receive the path diversion process.
– Walk with a diet and exercise before the operation, which is the system that our specialist doctor will put in place for you, making sure to walk you in the correct way.
– Inform the doctors of the medications taken during this period.

Gastric bypass method:
Under the influence of general anesthesia, the stomach is divided. At this point, the doctor treats the stomach that he has as two parts, the first section is small, which is the upper section, and then comes the large section that is working on so that it does not contain more than 30 grams of food, That is, the stomach is forced to a certain amount by making the size the stomach receives from food small according to the small stomach itself. Then the doctor connects the small part of the stomach with the intestine, and of course this step is the basis of the process of converting the course of the stomach and is carried out by the best doctors in our center, and can The operation is carried out in a surgical or search-based manner, although the endoscope is the most recently used.
The duration of the procedure varies from 1-3 hours according to each case, by making drastic changes in eating and lifestyle in order to get the maximum effect, since meals after surgery should be limited to approximately 30 g, taking into account the drinking of fluids with meals.

After gastric bypass:
-Adhere to a specific diet according to the doctor’s instructions.
-Drink about two liters of water daily so that the patient does not become dehydrated.
-Drink liquids between meals and not with them, it is advised not to drink water at least 30 minutes before or after meals.
-Eating and drinking slowly, to avoid throwing syndrome, which is what happens when large quantities of food and fluids enter the small intestine, causing nausea, vomiting, and sweating.
-Eat foods that are easy to swallow and digest, rich in protein.
-Choose foods low in sugar and fat.
-Avoid drinking alcohol.
-Limit caffeine drinking.
-Take vitamin and mineral supplements daily as your doctor prescribes.
– Chewing food well before swallowing, to facilitate swallowing and digestion.

Thus, gastric bypass surgery at the Park International Center is a very effective way to eliminate diabetes in obese individuals, and this is because reducing the size of the stomach in a way that makes it be in the normal size for individuals helps to reduce the amount of food dramatically in addition to converting its path to The last third of the intestine reduces by a very large degree the degree of absorption of the body, which helps diabetics to recover from diabetes besides they can eat whatever they want from their foods without fear of being overweight or even of diabetes.

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