FUE Hair Transplant Technique

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

The hair transplant technique with FUE technology(Follicular Unite Extraction) is the most common method of hair transplantation in Turkey, And accredited at the Park International Medical Center, and it depends on picking hair follicles from the donor area that is usually in the back of the scalp (between the neck and ears) individually instead of taking a whole section of The scalp, as was common before this technique to be transferred later to the receiving area (baldness area or thinning hair).
This process is held in an operating room with a specialized team under the supervision of a specialist with high expertise, and the process usually takes between 5-8 hours, the duration varies according to each case for sure, during this time is transferred and planted from 1000 to 3500 taste, equivalent 2500 to 10,000 hair follicles, more than one hair transplant session with this technique may be allocated by the supervising physician in agreement with the patient’s hair loss and the area and width of the receiving area (implant area).
In a way that resembles embroidery individually and precisely, the receiving area is cultivated with great stability from our doctors in Park International Center and experience according to a certain angle that is appropriate to the structural structure of the patient’s hair to maintain the natural shape after the hair growth, which requires a professional doctor who has aesthetic vision, patience and focus, and this is what we guarantee at the Park International Center, and we are very proud of it.
As with all hair transplants, FUE implants go through several stages
FUE hair transplantation stages:
– Previewing the hair: so that the doctor recognizes the patient and determines the number of hair follicles that will be extracted from the donor area to be transplanted into the receiving area, taking into account the patient’s wishes, of course, then the doctor draws a preliminary hair planning to clarify the results that the transplant process will achieve with this technique.
Anesthesia: Anesthesia is localized as it numbs both the donor and receiving regions to ensure the patient does not feel any pain,
– Collecting follicles (picking): This process is done using the punches feature, where a surgical instrument is used to extract the follicle with its roots from the donor part without any damage, then the extracted bulbs or tufts are collected in special solutions that preserve the vitality of the bulb and nourish it while it is done Plant it again in the receiving area,
Opening channels: It is a very important and accurate process in which the doctor opens channels in the receiving area with a surgical instrument called Sapphire, which is the safest and most accurate technique, for the follicles to be implanted inside to be germinated again, and of course the doctors responsible for this step control the direction of the hair outlet and the density Transplantation, and as mentioned, you need a lot of vision and focus,
Transplantation: The follicles are transplanted in this technique by an integrated team of specialists between 2-4 people. The follicles are transplanted by the team into the previously opened channels, which is the last stage in the FUE technique where the patient is then graduated from a room Surgery to relax a little and then bandage the scalp to be able to leave our center.

FUE Implant candidates:
This technology is used for both men and women, and it can be done by:
Men with male baldness.-
Women who want to intensify their hair due to their lightweight hair.-
-People with burns or bruises through which they have lost their hair.

The non-candidates for this technique are:

-People whose grant area is weak, that is, there is not enough hair to cover the bald area.
Smallpox scars (thick fibrous scars in the scalp as a result of a direct injury etc..-
People undergoing medication that causes hair loss (such as chemotherapy).-
-Women with certain types of hair loss, such as (alopecia areata – crappy hair loss, etc…

Cons of FUE hair transplant
These include:
Infection and severe bleeding in some cases.-
Inflammation of hair follicles.-
Scarring and swelling of the scalp.-
Feeling and irritation in the implant area.-
– Some swelling around the eyes, especially in the first days after the transplant-
dandruff on the scalp.
Certainly, they are all temporary symptoms, and the severity and duration of them will vary from case to case
It is very important to have bandages after planting for a few days to avoid infection and infections as much as possible and to adhere to the medications prescribed by our doctors in Park Internatıonal Center from antibiotics and analgesics and medications to reduce swelling, but for the recovery period ranges between 10-12 days after transplantation.
Hair growth using FUE implantation is estimated at about 1.25 centimeters per month, and all implanted hair will automatically and naturally fall out in only about 6 weeks (i.e. one and a half months) of the process so that new hair begins to grow in the receiving area.

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