Fillers injection

Fillers injection

Do you notice signs of aging on your face!
Your smile has lines that draw around the lips and eyes and make you older!
Then …the solution is to inject the filler at the Park International Medical Center.

What is filler:
It is a cosmetic treatment by injection, used to reduce the severity of wrinkles or scarring on the skin … Filler is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures that many people seek to improve and adjust in the face area in general, where Filler can return the face to the stage of youth By masking wrinkles on the face by filling the voids under the skin, by injecting the skin with several substances … natural ones (such as fat cells or collagen), and industrial ones (such as hyaluronic acid or artificial polymer).
After injecting the filler, you can see that the signs of aging have completely disappeared and that there are no traces of any wrinkles in the area where they were injected, and that the general appearance of the face has become more youthful, youthful and energetic. You will also restore the sense of the tightened face in a natural way that is not exaggerated, all of which will lead to a feeling of renewed youth and greater self-confidence.

Normally, the filler does not need any type of anesthesia, but some may fear the pain of injection, and a slight local anesthetic is given, then the filler is injected into the desired places.
Types of fillers injection:
There are two types of filler:
• – Temporary injection .. It lasts between six months and up to two years .. It is considered the most common injection because of its few side effects.
• – Permanent injection .. which determines its potential for a plastic surgeon, due to some negative effects that may appear after a while.

Filler Damages:

Despite its simplicity and rapid appearance of its results, and although it is considered to be a largely safe method, some damages and complications may occur long after Filler injection.
Damage often occurs when using the permanent type of Filler injection more than the temporary type, and certainly the lack of experience of the doctor who injected may lead to negative results.
Here are the most important damages of injection fillers:
– Bruising: It is one of the minor effects that occur after the injection of the filler and goes away after a few days using topical compresses, but if it continues, you should see a doctor.
– Inflammation: These are minor infections that do not cause anxiety in the event of their occurrence, but if they do occur and continue, they may have caused an abscess under the skin, so see a doctor immediately.
– Conglomerations: occur in the event of a lack of experience of the doctor, due to the lack of distribution of the substance injected under the skin in equal and accurate proportions, which leads to aggregation in the form of conglomerates, in which case it may require surgery to remove the conglomerates.
– Allergies: occur (often and not always) in the case of injection with collagen extracted from the skin of cows, the doctor must make sure that the patient does not suffer from allergies to this substance by doing a simple test for it before injection.
– Granular tumor: The immune system in some cases treats the injected materials as foreign bodies inside the body and fights them, so these substances gather in the form of small granules, which are treated by breaking the wall of these granules and getting rid of the clusters inside them.

– Filler injection can also affect the eye and also cause stroke, and this is the biggest damage to the injection in the filler, as some medical studies have recently demonstrated that the materials used in injection of the filler are not safe, especially when injecting in the forehead and around the eye, where these materials can leak into The blood vessels around the eye may affect vision, or block the blood vessels leading to a stroke.

Some uses of cosmetic fillers:

– Facial Filler: An injection to hide wrinkles (around the eye or forehead … or injection to inflate and enlarge (such as the lips and cheeks…).
Nasal filler: It is used for snub nose and uneven sides. –
– Filler under the eye: used to fill the void and adjust the shape of the cavities under the eyes, which stimulates cells to divide and fill flabby skin until it returns to normal again.
Lip Filler: Used to fill in the gaps between the lip cells. –
Lift the eyebrow. –
.Draw the jaw –
Double chin. –
Mouth line. –
Draw a chin. –
.front lines –

Experts at Park International Medical Center confirm, in addition to many studies, that Filler injection is one of the safest cosmetic methods, after examinations and measures are taken before starting the injection, so it is advised to consult a physician during the first appointment about any effect of the injection before it is performed. It is also possible to conduct allergy tests to ensure that there are no complications after the injection.

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