Facelift Surgery

Facelift Surgery

The more we age, the more our experiences and memories increase, and also our face wrinkles increase…
The pressures of daily life leave the signs of aging or from our natural progression in age, which usually begins with the loss of the skin’s elasticity and the start of the facial muscles to slacken and sag, such as the lower jaw line and its folds, and here comes the solution with the Park International Medical Center specializing in face-lifting to remove all traces of age and stress, which are An advanced and effective process that helps to tighten the skin and renew its appearance and restore the skin to its vitality and youth.

Facelift surgery candidates:
People who have facial sagging in the cheeks and around the mouth. –
Those with a sagging front and lower jaw. –
.Sagging face after getting rid of obesity or excess weight –
– He who has wrinkles at an early age, due to the habits of staying up late and irregular in early sleep, in addition to using phones or computers for long periods of time, sitting in focus for long periods increases the appearance of wrinkles.
Wrinkles due to genetic factors.

Before Facelift Surgery:
stop smoking. –
– Stop using certain medications (such as aspirin, analgesics, anti-inflammatory …) and nutritional and herbal supplements to ensure that you do not experience bleeding or bruising.
Stop using cosmetic products and creams on the face. –
Refrain from drinking alcohol or any other narcotic drugs. –

Facelift Surgery method:
The process takes about 3 hours and is performed under local anesthesia with the use of sedatives or general anesthesia.
Surgery begins with our specialized surgeon making an incision along the ear below the earlobe to the back of the neck, separating the skin from the muscles, then removing excess fat, tightening sagging muscles and tissues, and removing excess skin, and finally adding volume to the cavernous areas of the face.
This process has 3 methods:
Total lifting, which includes lifting the face, lifting the eyebrow and neck. –
Partial stretching, which includes face and neck lifting only. –
– Facelift with thread is easier than surgical tensioning, as it is done without surgery and takes place within an hour using threads to tighten parts of the face, some of which are permanent threads that remain for about 5 years, including temporary ones that remain from one to two years only.
After completing the process you will be monitored by your nursing staff at the Park International Center for two nights to care for you, there may be some swelling on the face that lasts between a week to 15 days sometimes and varies from person to person.
A facelift can include removing excess skin, smoothing folds or wrinkles, and tightening facial tissue. It does not include eyebrow or eye lift, although these operations may be associated with a facelift at the same time.
To help speed up the results of your face lifting process: moisturize your face daily, protect it from the sun, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle in general. Adhere to rest about 15 days before resuming the normal level of daily activity. For more strenuous activity, you need about 30 days to return to more difficult tasks, such as exercise, of course, after consulting your doctor.

Facelift Surgery risks:
Bleeding – infection – tachycardia – blood clots – pain or scarring – hair loss in the incision sites -prolonged swelling – problems with wound healing.
But when you choose the highly experienced Park International Medical Center in conducting this type of operation, many potential medical errors will be bypassed, thereby eliminating most of the risks resulting from common mistakes, and of course helping the patient to follow the instructions of our specialist doctors.
After the swelling and bruises disappear, you will be able to see the full results of the procedure.

This process is one of the most sought-after operations at the Park International Medical Center because it achieves the best results to improve the appearance of the face and reduce the signs of aging and sagging, certainly it is an ideal option to get younger and younger skin at least five years.

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