Face lift Without Surgery

Face lift Without Surgery

A woman always cares about the beauty of her face to give her youthful and bright look, and so do many men with their vital heroine interest, but with age, some frightening signs may appear on the face that are difficult to treat by natural methods or home recipes, so we offer at Park International Center methods of face lift without Surgery for everyone who fears surgical procedures and wants a taut face that gives him freshness and attractiveness, whether man or woman.

Reasons for the appearance of facial wrinkles:
Smoking of all kinds. –
Stay up late. –
Lack of drinking water and exposure to harmful sunlight. –
Sit in front of the computer, television, and use the mobile phone for long periods. –
Use cosmetics that contain chemical compounds harmful to the skin. –
Malnutrition. –
Exposure to pressure, stress and anxiety. –
Exposure to psychological and neurological problems. –

Face lift without surgery candidates:
People with roughness and thinning of the skin. –
Owners of wrinkles under the chin and neck. –
People with protruding facial bones as a result of natural fat loss and collagen in the skin. –

Face-lift without surgery techniques:
1- Laser face lifting: the laser heat is used to tighten the skin and dissolve the fat from all parts of the face, as the laser energy uses limited energy to eliminate the fat cells, in some cases the treatment requires several sessions, and the results appear gradually within several weeks.
The laser eliminates the following facial problems:
-Relaxing the bottom of the chin due to the accumulation of fat.
Neck tightening and make it more freshness and vitality.-
Get rid of the looseness of the jane offender.-
Firming the skin thanks to the laser heat gives the face youthfulness and youthfulness.-
Under local anesthesia, which is a cream to reduce pain and leave for half an hour or by injection, intense laser beams are shed on the areas to be treated and get rid of wrinkles and sagging in them, the primary role of laser beams is to exfoliate the skin and remove its diseased surface layer.
When the laser penetrates the skin, it dissolves the excess fat on the face, it also stimulates cells to produce more natural collagen and fill in the subcutaneous voids to tighten the skin that naturally hides wrinkles.
A laser face-lift session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and takes place immediately after leaving the clinic.
The beneficiary of this technique is required between 3 and 4 sessions, according to the doctor’s report, until the results appear. A period of 3 to 6 weeks is separated between two sessions of laser lift.
The process requires a recovery period of one week with the application of medical creams to avoid infections.

2- Facelift with threading: It is easier than surgical tightening, as it is done without surgery and takes place within an hour using threads to tighten parts of the face, some of which are permanent threads that remain for about 5 years, including temporary ones that remain from one to two years only.
After using a local anesthetic on the skin while giving some sedatives to the beneficiary before starting the process, the doctor makes a few small openings in the skin and adjusts exactly in the parts of the skin that have been identified using medical strings and thin needles to tighten the skin in an appropriate amount for the appearance that will appear natural.
Wounds close after the procedure with cold compresses placed on top of it, the face-lift without suturing requires no more than an hour, the result appears after several days and lasts between 4 and 5 years.
The recovery period requires 3 or 4 days for you to return to normal activities.

Face-lift by injection: It is done in two ways:- 3
Botox injections: Botox products are considered one of the most well-known cosmetic products globally and have remained at the leading position in the field of cosmetic operations, and Botox is a toxin produced by bacteria (Clostridium botulinum), which is a neurotoxin if injected into the muscle causing its relaxation. Botox works by blocking chemical signals that allow the transfer of nerve signals to the muscle and thus preventing its contractility.
The operation often does not require any anesthesia, but an anesthetic ointment can be used to reduce pain and then the doctor works to determine the places that need treatment to work on them, after waiting for the drug to give effect for 10 minutes, minute needles containing Botox are injected into the areas previously identified, The process lasts between 10 minutes and 30 minutes, for the highest estimate.
Amazing results are shown quickly compared to other methods.
Plasma injection: The plasma is made from an extract of the patient’s blood, specifically the consistency of the blood, which is known as plasma and which contains vitamins, minerals and hormones, which is the fluid that is used inside the plasma needles used to beautify the face and works to increase collagen production, which works to fill and hide wrinkle lines.

Cons of face lift without surgery:
– After using Botox, there may be an unpleasant itchy feeling that can be overcome with preparations prescribed by your doctor.
Bruises and disappear after a few days have passed. –
Headache, especially after Botox is injected, but quickly disappears. –
Feeling pain that requires the use of analgesics prescribed by the doctor. –
Infection that is treated with antibiotics. –
You must make sure that the center or hospital in which the face is tightened must not be physically ineffective, or the center will not cause burns due to the use of the wrong laser or paralysis of the facial nerves due to the wrong amounts of injection materials or the sliding of the threads, which are all mistakes that can be avoided in the Park International Center Medical.

– Every woman with different facial problems can resort to a face-lift without surgery at the Park International Center, which ensures that you have access to the finest modern technologies in face-lift without surgery aimed at treating prolapse and sagging the skin.

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