Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

The importance of eyebrows is not limited to the aesthetic aspect of the face, as eyebrows play a major role in protecting the eyes from harmful external influences, in addition to the protection function, the eyebrows have an important role in the symmetry of the face, but they are among the main specific elements of distinctive appearance and gestures.
The loss of the eyebrows is something that has become noticeable recently, something that directly affects the loss of self-esteem because of the aesthetic fears it causes for a person, man or woman, especially that uncomfortable feeling when others see you, which is often forced to resort to flaunting (makeup), which is uncomfortable and does not affect significantly the damage to the eyebrows.

Causes of eyebrow thinning
Physical accidents such as burns, wounds, etc –
Systemic or local disorders –
– Hypothyroidism
Congenital development disorder without eyebrows from birth-
Pelage –
Medical treatments (surgical, chemical, and pharmacological) –

Brow implant method
The patient determines the shape of the eyebrow he wants with the help of the doctor who specializes in implanting the eyebrow at the Park International Center who will perform the transplant, after which the decision is made on whether the chosen shape is suitable for the face line through the implementation of a mini simulation by drawing. The eyebrow should be transplanted according to the density of the head hair so that it is not more dense or less so that the balance between them is not ruined. For example, a thick eyebrow is not suitable for people with light hair.
Local anesthesia is performed for the area to be treated. Thus, he will not feel any pain or burning during and after the operation.
Hair roots taken from the donor area, which is often the posterior region of the head, are transplanted and can be taken from the sides or chest area for men. The most important and always important point like any hair transplantation here is the angle of transplantation where the transplantation is done in our Park International Center with angles of 25-30 degrees often in the specified area according to the structure of the eyebrow. The follicles taken with devices with a diameter of 0,6 – 0,7 mm are taken and needles of the same diameter are used without making cuts in the skin. This method is called direct implantation method (DHI), and eyebrows can also be transplanted with the known picking method, and it is preferable to use the old method (slice method) implants to the eyebrow because it may leave permanent scarring even though it is thin.
The duration of the procedure varies according to the rate of transplantation, but it takes about 2-3 hours in our center, where between 500 -700 bulbs are planted on average.

Eyebrow transplantation with the aim of increasing density
People who can perform the eyebrow transplant are not limited to those who have eyebrows thinning or losing. Eyebrows can be made thicker as a cosmetic procedure with people who think their eyebrows are too thin, or who want to adjust or reshape the shape of their eyebrows. As thickening of the eyebrow is a flexible procedure. While thin eyebrows cannot be thinned, thick eyebrows can always be made thinner.
After eyebrow hair transplant is complete, the transplant area should be protected. That is, this area should not be washed or moistened, as it should not come in contact with water for at least two days, or according to the instructions of the specialist doctors at the Park International Center, which are explained in detail to the individual patient.
At the end of the recovery phase, the area can be cleaned naturally without using any medication or special solution.
In the event of desquamation after the operation, this is normal and does not cause fear or anxiety and this is also what the medical causes are explained to the patient in detail.

The result of eyebrows transplantation
The eyebrow needs at least 6 months to achieve the desired result after the transplant treatment and can reach a year depending on the patient’s condition, after the eyebrow hair fall stage in the first 1-2 weeks, it takes 3 to 4 months until the eyebrows grow again after the shedding phase Where all the hairs that have been transplanted fall and this is normal and its medical causes are explained to the patient in detail by our specialized doctors in the center, after 6 months the new eyebrow shape will appear and its density will appear.

Complications of eyebrow transplant
It is restricted to the fact that eyebrows implanted grow faster than normal. For this reason, you will need weekly care and trimming of eyebrows during the early stages of the procedure. But after a while, the growth rate will become normal.
Certainly, the eyebrow transplantation at the Park International Center is the best way because it is the problems of the eyebrows, whatever their type or their causes, and make-up or laser treatment cannot achieve the same goals achieved by eyebrow transplantation.

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