DHI Hair Transplant Technique

DHI Hair Transplant Technique

After Turkey’s fame in the field of hair transplantation and Istanbul sits at the top of the cultivation techniques, DHI technology for hair transplantation emerged with its many positives, which facilitated the decision of many patients to make hair transplantation, It is one of the most used technologies in the Park International Center.
This is the technology of the latest and best techniques used in the recent hair transplant, which means (hair transplant directly in a way), some experts and plastic surgeons and considered as alternative technique for surgery.
This is done by extracting the hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them into the receiving areas with a (Choi pen)..
Choi pen is a surgical tool similar to the pen at the end of a hollow needle with a diameter of less than 1 mm, characterized by its ability to open the channel in the area of ​​baldness or weakness and implantation of follicles extracted from the donor area with one press at the same time, which greatly weakens the possibility of damage to the bulb and provides a lot of The time used in the rest of the techniques, and thus shortens the stage of opening the channels to be opened and planted at the same time .. And in record time.
The HDI technology does not necessarily need to cut hair so that this type of hair transplant can be used without cutting the hair in the weak area and this is what is preferred by many patients, especially women who refrain from transplantation because of the fear of cutting their hair completely.
Using this hair transplant method, a more natural and more frequent hair transplant can be performed by focusing on the gaps between the hair without harming the existing hair. DHI hair transplantation is one of the most preferred and preferred methods in recent years compared to other technologies, due to the speed of return to life Natural after the operation, especially because it dispenses with the surgical tools used in traditional hair transplantation such as scalpel types, which made it the most popular technique for patients.
Our physicians specializing in this technology are implanted at the Park International Center and have proven experience and training with recognized certificates.
Whoever wants to perform the hair transplant process using the DHI technique is required to have a healthy and strong donor area and there are also some conditions that are taken into consideration and must be verified before beginning the operation, the most important of which are:
The patient must be over the age of 25.
Not to have one of these diseases (immune deficiency diseases – pressure diseases – hepatitis C virus – diabetes – heart disease – leukemia – anemia and thyroid disorder).
The stages of the DHI transplant process are very similar to the rest of the operations using other techniques and are summarized as follows:
– Local anesthesia: The donor area and the receiving area are only numbed with ointment or anesthesia injection.
– Extraction: Extraction of follicles from the donor area and selecting the best. This risk is carried out with a surgical instrument called Macro Motor. During the extraction, the extracted follicles are kept in a saline solution.
– planting: the most important step in this agriculture agent Walt cannula where the doctor also mentioned using Choi pens to open the channel and planting the bulb with one mouse click together.

DHI Hair Transplant Features:
– It maintains the integrity of the extracted follicles, and prevents infection from spreading to the surface of the scalp.
Relatively less expensive. –
Does not require shaving completely. –
The process with this technique does not take much time. –
Also used to narrow the forehead, grow mustache, beard and eyebrow transplant –
Suitable for both men and women.-
– It does not cause any scarring or wounds caused by the operation, because it depends on the choi pens that grow the bulb with just one click.
It gives more hair density than other techniques. –
High success rate than other technologies. –
– – Through the doctor can control the positioning of follicles and thus direct hair growth according to the doctor’s vision and as agreed by the patient.
– The patient can leave immediately after the operation without the need for even a short rest, and does not need a recovery period of more than one week.
– Hereditary alopecia, as well as cases of burned areas or wounds, treat chronic scars to return to their original nature.

Disadvantages of hair transplant technology DHI
. You need doctors with experience, high accuracy, and long and intensive practice, unlike other techniques in which the specialist doctor can replace you with practicing nurses.
. It is not possible to grow more than 3000 bulbs per session, so when the patient wants to grow more follicles, he sets a second session after at least 15 days.
A hematoma in the receiving area. .
. Changing sensation in the receiving area.

Tips before hair transplant with DHI technique and in general:
Stop smoking at least 15 days ago..
Do not take blood-thinning medications. .
– . Do not make any physical or psychological effort before the operation even if one day at least.
Drink more water than usual, and use liquids such as juices and others. .
. Not to go out in the sun and be exposed to bad weather (wind, dust, rain, snow …) immediately after the operation and during the recovery period.
Do not touch or scratch the scalp..
Stop exercising and strenuous work for at least 3 weeks..

This technique (DHI technique) surpassed many negatives in hair transplantation, shortened a lot of time, relieved a lot of swelling and swelling after the operation and gave great results in getting rid of baldness in its forms, which made it a popular technique with its simplicity, accuracy and quality of its results.

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