Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

There are a lot of women who suffer from very large breasts, and they require breast reduction operations as the larger breasts of use are linked to the appropriate fit of the breasts to the whole body shape.
Too large breasts can lead to various problems such as back pain, fungus under the breast, difficulty finding suitable clothing with high prices, effects that the bra straps leave on the shoulders as well as psychological effects that cannot be ignored.
At Park International, we perform breast reduction easily with medical, surgical, and nursing staff with expertise and skills that are trustworthy. Breast reduction surgery is one of the most important ways to solve the problem of large breast size rather than using it for body symmetry.

Breast reduction candidates:
Women who are not satisfied with their breast size. –
Women who have an incompatibility between breast size and body structure. –
Women who have pain in the neck and shoulders due to breast size. –

Breast reduction methods:
The surgery usually takes 2-4 hours under intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia, you must determine the reason for breast reduction surgery, then mention that breast surgery is a cosmetic procedure or treatment, for example, breast surgery. Reducing to reduce breast size as well as to relieve neck and shoulder pain.
There are many cosmetic methods that allow the appropriate type of surgery to depend on the condition of the breast, the amount of breast tissue that must be removed, the body structure, the amount of excess skin that must be removed during surgery and the extent of breast prolapse.
1- Reduction by liposuction: The surgery is performed by several small incisions (wounds) approximately 5 mm each, through which a liposuction device is inserted. This surgery is suitable for women who are concerned with a minor change in their breast size and are not concerned with scarring. This surgery does not raise the breast.
2- Reducing by incision around the aura of the breast: It is the most popular method because it works to reduce the breast and raise it together, but it remains scarring around the breast aura and vertical scar under the folds of the breast.
3- Breast reduction with anchor scars: It is used to reduce the breasts as much as possible and to tighten the breasts at the same time, but it leaves scars that extend from the areola to the introverted folds of the breast, and the scars present inside the creases.
Despite the large number of scars at the end of the surgery, the shape of the breast after the surgery appears natural, and it has a beautiful image.
4- Breast reduction with moving the nipple: In this method, the nipple is completely removed from the breast tissue, and it is attached to the skin (not to the breast tissue) with a higher area. The rest of the breast tissue is removed from the lower section, and this method enables a large reduction in the breast and treatment of excess skin. This surgery is intended for women who have very drooping breasts, and when the nipple beyond the neck exit area is very large.

After breast reduction:
There will definitely be swelling in the breasts after the operation, with some pain. –
Blood clusters in the chest area will be removed after two weeks by aspiration. –
– The sutures of the surgery will fade to people, because in our center we use sutures that are absorbed by the body without any harm.
A break of at least 15 days after the operation is required. –
Take prescribed painkillers to relieve pain caused by surgery. –
During the first month, wear a sports bra for a faster recovery. –
– Use ointments and prescribed dressings to stop secretions from the wounds of the operation.
– After about 3 months (the duration varies according to the condition and the method of surgery), the final image of the breast will appear.
To get permanent results from breast surgery, you should pay special attention to the points that our specialist doctor will give you after the procedure by drinking alcohol and not smoking in all its forms, drinking more fluids than before and generally taking care of healthy nutrition and daily sports.

Complications of breast reduction:
You will feel comfortable after the surgery and the pain will be minimal. –
There can be limiting arm movements. –
Wear bras directly after surgery. –
Bleeding or drainage is placed inside both breasts to prevent blood from accumulating. –
The patient can return to his daily life within 7-10 days. –
Not exercising for 3 months. –

The breast reduction surgery that we perform at the Park International Medical Center has good and lasting results as we have many methods and techniques to obtain the best results, and we always prefer to perform these operations with the smallest wounds and scars possible, and our goals work to improve the mental health of the person and husband and makes them more related to life. And helped to facilitate the style of women’s clothes for women.

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