Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

The woman’s body loses its strength and sagging with age or after losing weight quickly or irregularly, as the breasts begin to sag and sag as well, which loses their shape and cohesion, so we at Park International Center are performing a surgical surgery to raise the breasts so that they restore their cohesion no matter the size of the breasts, And the woman’s breast lift surgery is especially after age, pregnancy and breastfeeding, which have led to a decrease in the shape and sagging of the breast.
Because of the rapid expansion to which the skin of the breast is subjected during pregnancy, a collagen rupture occurs in it and this appears in the form of stretch marks and this occurs due to the hormonal changes that the body undergoes during pregnancy which gives flexibility to the abdominal tissues and breasts and allows it to stretch and take the new shape at this stage.

Breast lift candidates:
Women who suffer from low breast.-
Breasts falling.-
Asymmetric breasts.-
Their health is good. –
They maintain stable weights.-
Back nipples.-
Wide auras around the nipple.-

Before chest lift:
.Stop taking some blood thinners, such as aspirin, at least one month-
Do not take supplements or vitamins for at least 4 weeks.-
Perform blood tests.-
Examination of the heart. –
Do not eat for at least 8-15 hours before the surgery.-
Not to apply any cosmetics to the face or hair on the day of the surgery.-
Preparing loose clothes for the after surgery.-

Breast lift surgery method:
Breast lift is done by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissues to support and reshape the breasts to improve their surroundings and appearance.
Preparing for breast lift surgery can motivate you to make healthier lifestyle choices in order to maintain postoperative results. Improving your breasts circumference can encourage you to improve self-esteem and self-confidence. Our team at Park International will work to achieve your goals and make you feel comfortable and certain about your decision.
Under local anesthesia or general anesthesia and with a duration of approximately 2-3 hours the procedure is performed, our specialist doctor performs a surgical incision that does not leave visible scars, then locate the nipple in harmony with the woman’s body, then change the position of the nipple using safe replacements, and tighten breast tissue, and Excision of the flabby skin.
Then it determines the shape of the breast to be achieved and the position of the surgical incision and the nipple are precisely determined, then the flabby skin is removed by multiple surgical incisions, the most common of which is the key surgical incision, where through this method it is possible to reduce the diameter of the breast and raise the nipple and breast at the same time.
This process does not require the removal of any tissue from the breast, but only the removal of limited centimeters from the skin, and therefore the breast appears to be the same size, but it is more coherent and uses the longitudinal surgical incision where the wound is sutured shrinkingly leading to a reduction in the length of the surgical incision that appears only in front of the breast without any scarring on Sides are then sewn into multiple levels.
Breast lift surgery may also be associated with enlargement by implanting silicone gaskets, and breast reduction can be done if its size is very large and is not consistent with the shape of the body as a whole.

After breast lift surgery:
Relieve pressure on a wound.-
Avoid dealing with water pressure directly while taking a shower.-
Avoid getting into the bathtub or going to the pool 2 to 3 weeks after surgery.-
Do not touch wounds or try to remove stitches.-
Check the wound daily and keep it clean for signs of infection.-
Avoid sun exposure for at least 6 months.-
Use medical bras two hours a day for at least two weeks.-
Avoid wire bras for 4-6 weeks.-
If your skin is dry, you can use a moisturizer, but keep the wounds dry.-

A tight chest and raised breasts are essential pillars of agility and for a svelte body. What are the reasons that lead to sagging breasts, and what are the methods that are used to lift the drooping breasts, however the chest lift surgery is considered one of the simple surgeries at the Park International Medical Center, especially the presence of a specialized medical staff with sufficient experience and practice to make such surgery simple.

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