Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Small breasts can negatively affect a woman’s self-confidence, as well as affect a relationship with a life partner, and even clothing options will be limited.
It becomes possible to have a tight and attractive breast, no matter what the problem you have, whether it is sagging skin or the small size of the breast. If you are not happy with the size or shape of your breasts or if they need more consistency with the features of your body, then the breast augmentation process will be the optimal and most permanent solution.
Breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty) is one of the three most common surgeries in the world, as well as at Park International Medical Center where we went to women to obtain high experience and guaranteed results in breast augmentation surgery, so the size of the breasts increases in proportion to the whole body. Because the enlarged breasts create a new feeling of femininity in women, the level of self-confidence in them.

Breast augmentation candidates:
Before your lady decides to perform breast augmentation, you should pay attention to some points.
Not to suffer from any chronic skin diseases. –
You have completed the stage of pregnancy and lactation. –
Your mental, psychological and physical condition is stable. –
– You have some control over your work time or studies, because treatment requires a lot of rest.
You do not have any chronic diseases, such as diabetes, anemia, etc…. –
You must be at least 18 years or older to undergo the procedure. –
Those with noticeably deformed or small breasts. –
Breast deformity after childbirth. –
Breast size change after weight loss. –
Women who have hollow breasts. –
Women with asymmetric breasts. –

Before breast augmentation:
You will be given a list of instructions for follow-up after a physical examination. Madam, you must adhere to the following:
Perform a blood test. –
Basic mammography. –
Adherence to what the doctor prescribed for you before breast augmentation. –
Do not use blood thinners or blood thinners. –
– Stop using dietary supplements (as fish oil, vitamin E …) for at least two months before the procedure.
Not to drink alcohol for at least two months before the operation. –
No intrusiveness for at least 4 weeks before the operation. –

Breast augmentation method:
The surgery continues from 1-3 hours under general anesthesia, cracks are created under the breast fold, and cracks can also be made around the aura of the breast and under the armpit, but it is our specialist surgeon who expresses his opinion on this matter according to each case.
The filling of the breast is inserted from the area of ​​the incision under the muscle, in order not to affect breastfeeding in a few cases.
As for the method of placing the filling and its location, it depends on the required size, the structure of the body and the surgeon’s opinion, after which the incisions on the thigh are closed with multi-layer surgical sutures leaving small scars that gradually disappear.
There are 4 types of incisions in the breast augmentation surgery:
– Under the breast: to hide the scars more easily, and is done in the event of sowing a saline fluid or silicone bag.
Around the breast aura: long slit, border length around the breast. –
Underarms: It takes longer to heal. –
– Through the abdominal wall: where implants enter through the channels into the breasts during the abdominoplasty.

Compare silicone gaskets with breast enlargement bags:
– The silicone filling gives a more natural feeling, as it resembles the natural tissue of the breas, While the fillings made of brine are more severe and firm.
Silicone gaskets are softer, so they look more natural. –
Silicone gaskets have a lower percentage of tearing and deformation. –
Silicone gaskets have less visible wrinkles. –
– – The fillings of the saline solution make a slight rustle, while the silicone fillings emit no rustle.

After breast augmentation:
– Feeling pain after the operation is inevitable, and also the effects of anesthesia, nausea, swelling, mild pain, and malaise, are the most common side effects, but it can be relieved to a large extent. These symptoms will disappear within hours by taking some of the medications that our specialist doctor will prescribe to you.
– After the operation, our experienced nurses will take care of you very carefully until you regain consciousness. You do not need to stay in the clinic, but rather you will go home on the same day.
– Use a push-up bra and an elastic band for 2-6 weeks, in order to recover faster, and your breasts will take the desired shape.
– – During the first weeks after the surgery, I hire a person to do house work. Within 2-3 weeks.
– Do not lift heavy weights, and avoid running and strenuous exercise by upper body 6-8 weeks after the procedure.
You must take leave from work for at least 10 days. –
– To reduce the risk of infection, take all prescription medications according to the recommended dosages.
– During the week after breast augmentation day, you will have no problem other than pain and swelling. Use a prescription ice pack and sedatives for pain control.
You can shower after one week. –
– Your breasts are sensitive to touch several weeks after surgery, and you feel itchy and hot on the surface of your skin, and this is normal. Resting and avoiding heavy physical work can help you recover quickly.

If you want to have a more attractive chest, your choice of breast augmentation will provide you with the solution. If you want to change the shape of your breasts after pregnancy or adjust the size or inconsistency in them, the surgery of increasing the size of the chest is also beneficial. In both cases, your choice of the Park International Center It would definitely be the best option.

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