Body Lifting Surgery

Body Lifting Surgery

Weight loss has many benefits. But after losing weight quickly through diet or lifestyle changes in general, skin and tissue often lack the flexibility to match the size of the new body.
The surgical body lifting surgery after a large weight loss can increase the drooping excess skin as well as fat and therefore accompanies the improvement of the shape of the underlying support tissues, and the result is a more consistent and vital appearance with smoother and healthier lines.

Body lifting method:
Before any step, our medical professionals will discuss your desired surgical goals, medical conditions and allergic reactions from previous medical treatments, current medications and vitamins, alcohol, tobacco, drug use and previous surgeries.
Your doctor at the Park International Center will assess your general health condition and any conditions or risk factors that exist before, your body will be examined and taken for detailed measurements, then take pictures of your medical record.
It is very important to understand all aspects of the body circumference procedure that our doctors will explain to you in detail at Park International Center. It’s normal to feel some anxiety, whether it’s your expected new appearance or a little bit of stress before surgery. Don’t be shy to discuss any concerns with our doctors … you’ll find comfort with their accurate and comfortable answers.
The body lifting surgery takes place under general anesthesia or mid-anesthesia according to the patient’s will and the approval of the specialist doctor, the duration of the operation is between 3-7 hours with the possibility of the night in our center at least one or two nights, this surgery needs an experienced doctor, and has extensive experience. This is provided by the Park International Medical Center.
Body circumference procedures may include:
Arm Lift: Correct sagging upper arms.-
Breast lift: Correcting sagging and emptiness of the breast.-
Facelift: Correct sagging face, palate and neck.-
Lower body parts: Correct sagging abdomen, buttocks, and thighs, both inside and outside.-
Hip thigh lift: Correct inner thigh relaxation.-
Abdominal tightening: Correct abdominal relaxation.-
The physician first performs the anesthesia operation, whether it is intravenous anesthesia and general anesthesia, then the incision stage begins so that large, broad pronounced incisions are made to remove the excess skin. The length and pattern of the incisions depends on the amount and location of the excess skin to be removed, as well as the surgical judgment of the doctor. Our advanced techniques are at the Park International Center allows cracks to be placed in locations where they can be hidden in various types of clothing.
This surgery leaves small wounds, and the experience of our doctors at Back International is hardly noticeable.

Recovering from a body lift:
After the operation you will likely spend two to three days at our center. For our team of doctors and nurses to monitor your recovery carefully and keep your cracks clean and reduce any risk of complications, you may feel some discomfort after the operation, but prescription pain relievers can usually reduce this.
Although the body lift surgery is the most comprehensive way to rejuvenate your youth after a massive weight loss, you will need to observe the extended hospitalization period required for this complex surgery, as it is possible to stay at home for up to a month and a half after performing the full process of body lift surgery.
Most patients must wear special clothing after plastic surgery to support the surgically altered skin and tissue during recovery, depending on the extent of its specialization.

Preparing for a body lift:
– You should get a medical examination and the body is ready for surgery by your obesity surgeon or primary care physician.-
General checks .-
– -You must make sure that the weight is stable for at least three months, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
Take some medications or adjust your current medications.-
Stop smoking for at least 15 days before surgery.-
-Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or other medications that may increase bleeding.

Body lift candidates:
People who have lost between 35 and 50 percent of their weight.-
-The patient is an adult and his weight has stabilized after losing weight, whatever the reason for the loss.
-People who are healthy and without any medical conditions that hinder healing or increase the risk of surgery.
Women who have become pregnant or are pregnant.-
Non-smokers and non-alcoholics.-
People committed to a healthy lifestyle, with appropriate nutrition and regular exercise.-

The decision to perform plastic surgery, especially the body lift, is a purely personal decision, and you must decide whether the benefits will achieve your goals and whether the possible complications of body sculpting and lifting surgery are acceptable, and this will be provided by our advice at the Park International Medical Center.

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