Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

Thin hair in men beard is a problem that may be common in some societies because of their influence on environmental factors and genetic factors, in fact the irregular beard and weak hair are a burden at this time; when the beard has become one of the most important.
At the recent years, We witnessed a great turnout in the world, especially in Istanbul, where hundreds of men came to perform the process of growing a beard or chin using modern picking technology, to increase the density of the chin and fill the voids of the beard, and this is what we tested ourselves at the Park International Center.
To get rid of the broken beard hair or in the event of any scars or traces of previous accidents and burns, the beard hair transplant process available at Park International is the only and permanent solution to get rid of the beard voids.
The process in our center takes between 3 to 5 hours, and the duration may shorten or increase depending on the patient’s condition, and after the end of the surgery the patient can leave our center immediately.
How is the chin implant performed?
Beard transplantation is done by picking technique of hair transplantation or direct technique transplantation, on both the beard or even the mustache, eyebrow and sides. This procedure is relatively simple in surgical terms, as it is used to restore hair or increase the density in specific areas of the face.
During the procedure, our specialist doctors at the Park International Center determine the donor area, which is often found on either side of the back of the head or even chest or back hair, until the follicles are harvested or extracted, to replant them in the beard or chin. Usually thin or thin hair is transplanted into the beard, and is taken from both sides of the head.
After identifying donor areas, our doctors open incubator channels and prepare these channels, which are similar to the original hair growth trends. The area is first anesthetized using a local anesthetic and then the specialist extracts the necessary roots and places them in a solution (Hypothermosol) that preserves the life of the roots exactly as happens during the hair transplant process in the case of baldness, until he opens the incubator channels in the receiving area, where they are transplanted the bulb after the other with specific and studied angles to give the largest possible density and make sure the patient gets a hundred percent natural appearance.
After determining the donor area, extracting is done using a punching device, which extracts the roots one by one, as this device removes the roots without pain and without any damage to the follicles and this is what we guarantee in Park International, and heads are used in different sizes depending on Extract root size. The specific number of roots is extracted according to the number of incubating channels that the doctor opened in the previous stage.
The process of growing the beard is a very simple process, as the patient enters and leaves the same day, and the local anesthetic is used to ensure a lesser recovery period for the patient, but at the same time it is an accurate process in terms of the location you are targeting, as the negative results of such a procedure appear In the face, these risks can only be met by referring to a doctor with long experience in the field of hair transplantation, and he has documented experiences in the field of beard transplantation, so the Park International Center is your ideal destination for beard transplantation by the hands of competent, experienced and reliable doctors.

The cultivation of the beard and mustache is suitable for all ages from the age of youth in which the beard appears naturally in men.
Beard and mustache transplantation does not pose any medical problems or effects, and it can also be done to increase density even if there are no problems or shortages.

What is the success rate of the beard transplant?

In practical terms, the success rate of this process exceeds 95% in our center. If the doctor’s instructions were followed before and after the transplant, you may notice during the first two weeks a fall of the transplanted hair which is very normal and that is explained in detail to the patient before the operation, as it is at this stage that Hair follicles grow naturally in the implanted areas and pave the way for healthy natural hair that does not fall out again.
After that and within two months you will see that the hair of your beard is gradually completed and got the look and feel you wanted.

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