It is a surgery whose first goal is to get rid of the skin appendages in the lower abdomen or for flabby abdominal muscles, i.e. remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen, and tighten the abdominal muscles until they get to a flat abdomen which is what many dream about.
The percentage of abdominoplasty in Turkey has increased to tens of thousands of cases in the last ten years, most of them are between the age group 40-55 years, and we at Park International have seen thousands of cases that go to our specialized center for establishing the abdominoplasty in the past years and they were all successful by more than 90%.
Eligible for an Abdominoplasty:
There are two groups of people who undergo this surgery:
– The first includes women after childbirths, and abdominal skin stretching during pregnancy, as large skin growths do not sometimes disappear after birth, in addition to a weakening of the abdominal wall.
– The second group includes men and women in post-obesity and weight reduction. As a result of the significant decrease in weight, many of the skin lesions that are removed surgically remain.

Abdominal tightening methods:

There are two ways to do abdominoplasty at Park International Center:
1- Full abdominoplasty: the fat and excess skin are removed from the lower abdomen and the muscle is stretched along the abdomen.
2- Miniature abdominoplasty: It is more simple, and is intended for people who have concentrated skin lesions in the lower abdomen below the navel and their abdominal muscles are good and strong. The procedure is relatively simple and leaves a relatively short scar in the lower abdomen, in a low position without touching the navel.
The liposuction process can also be combined with the process, especially when there is excess fat in the waist.

Conditions for performing an Abdominoplasty:
– It is of the utmost importance that the treatment is appropriate for the treatment person to obtain a good result
– Quit smoking two weeks before surgery because smoking increases the risk of complications, including skin necrosis.

Abdominoplasty method:
Initially, a counseling session is specified with the specialist doctor to ensure that the person who wishes to perform the operation does not suffer from diseases that prevent him from performing it (such as diabetes …), and the reasons that prompted him to make the decision to perform this surgery are studied. Then the doctor provides an explanation to the patient about the areas that can and should remove the excess skin from them, as well as referring him – before the operation – for general tests as needed, and our doctors at the Park International Center explain the necessity of abstaining from food before the operation for a period of not less than 8 hours, as well Abstaining from some types of medication is explained before the operation.

This surgery is performed at the Park International Center by experienced and experienced doctors, starting with general anesthesia, then completely and thoroughly sterilizing the abdominal area.
The duration of the operation is approximately two hours, and this requires staying in our center for one night only. Where in the abdominoplasty, an incision is made along the lower abdomen, often in the area where a previous scar is due to the cesarean section. Then the abdominal muscles and the abdominal wall are slit by internal suturing along the abdomen in the middle (in order to have a flat, taut abdomen instead of a flabby, rounded abdomen). Then remove the excess skin and fat, fix the navel again and sew the incision. After surgery, two tubes are left to drain.

After the abdominoplasty:
Bandages are removed for the patient and the exit is carried out the next day, and the corset (elastic belt) must be worn on the abdomen for 15 days according to the modern technique, in the past the patient used the corset for 7 weeks, but currently it is used only for two weeks.
As for the recovery period, it usually varies from person to person, as some patients return to work after only a week after the operation, while others need a longer period. And other details should be discussed with the doctor because it varies from case to case.
In most cases, after a recovery period of about ten days, it is possible to return to normal activity except for heavy lifting or heavy physical activity, while the recovery period lasts from two weeks to 10 days, and it is possible to return to walking to restore fitness after two weeks.
Concepts of abdominoplasty:
Abdominoplasty is not intended for weight loss, as it only refines the body.-
This process is done after the completion of childbearing for women.-
– Abdominoplasty leads to a scar along the lower part of the abdominal wall. The scar is planned to be in a low position and remains hidden under the underwear. In many cases, the location of the scar is lower than that of the cesarean section, and with the passage of time the scar disappears and this is what we guarantee at the Center International Park..

Abdominoplasty risks:
– Bleeding, sepsis, or reactions resulting from an error in the operation or anesthesia, so we must make sure doctors are experienced and practiced, and this is what we are proud to assure you at Park International Medical Center.
In smokers, wound healing is usually delayed. –
– Feeling some pain in the operation area and some swelling that goes away during the recovery period.
. A feeling of general fatigue and numbness in the body throughout the recovery period –

With the emergence of various technologies, it has become easy to get rid of the problem of sagging skin that the stomach suffers easily, and enjoy an attractive flat belly. That is why Park International Medical Center guarantees you amazing results that exceed your perceptions and achieve your goal.

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