Abdominoplasty After Childbearing

Abdominoplasty After Childbearing

You have a flat belly, free from flabby skin and a slim waist. And that you look at yourself in the mirror and you are satisfied with what you see, and that you are able to wear the clothes you prefer and look in them as you were before birth, with a slim figure…
All of this should be possible, and it has become possible thanks to the abdominoplasty at Park International Center.
This surgery is known to tighten the skin of the abdomen and eradicate sagging fat in it, and the separate muscles of the abdomen are fixed. This surgery has a high level of satisfaction among patients, and its success rate exceeds 90%, according to those who underwent this surgery.

Reasons for belly skin relaxation after birth:
Severe weight loss after childbirth causes serious collagen and elastin. Based on the above, when you lose weight suddenly, the skin no longer has the possibility to shrink, and because of the trauma faced by collagen and elastin tissues, the skin cannot regain its former shape. To eliminate this problem, it is not enough for some women to exercise. In fact, the only way to solve the problem is to perform a plastic surgery.

The advantages of postpartum Abdominoplasty:
– – The body returns to what it was before the reproduction smooth and without drooping the skin.
Increased level of self-confidence. –
Doing business that you did not describe as even before that. –
A more feminine and healthy appearance. –

Why the Park International Center for Abdominoplasty after Childbearing:
– Safe and advanced surgical equipment.
Specialized and experienced medical staff. –
Antibiotics before and after the operation to reduce the possibility of an infection. –
Advanced repair and fewer wounds. –
Repair cracks on the skin. –
Increase the temperature of the injected liquids to not feel cold. –
Specialized nursing staff for post-operative care and monitoring by specialist doctors. –
A two-week medical certificate for rest. –

Postpartum Abdominoplasty after Childbearing:
A session is determined with your specialist doctor who will perform the operation at the Park International Center, where you will get the approved medical advice, in order to make the right decision during the period before the surgery and to ensure the suitability of this surgery for you. In the event that you have more than 30 BMI, it is best to lose weight to ensure the process is effective and free from any risks. Many symptoms occur for those with high BMIs, not to mention that the risk of uneven masses increases.

Ways of Abdominoplasty after Childbearing:
Marks are placed on the surgical area, and some sedatives and antibiotics are given in order to prevent infection. The injection is carried out with anesthesia. And you do liposuction if you need to. Then the surgeon performs two parts: one in the navel circumference and the other in a horizontal shape and just above the pubis along the pelvis. In this way, the abdominal muscles are closed, and the fat is released. The skin is then stretched down to hold. In case of excess of skin lesions, the umbilicus can be moved upward, at which point a slight wound remains in that area.

Recovery period:
Your nursing staff takes care of you in the recovery room for 2-3 hours to ensure you are ready to leave the center. Before you go home, you will talk to your surgeon and book a two-week postoperative appointment. They are also given sedatives and post-operative care accommodations.
It’s normal to feel some pain after normal surgery, but it can be controlled with sedative medications.
During the postoperative days, it is necessary to bend forward slightly until the pressure on the location of the incisions subsides and heals earlier. You should wear corset and compression socks day and night for three weeks, and avoid heavy work within one month.
After two weeks, you can return to your simple work, Abdominal reconstructive surgery is an arduous process that basically requires you to regain your strength. Give yourself some rest and follow the doctor’s instructions. Postpone all heavy workouts and post-workouts at least six weeks.
You will experience the difference after the procedure on your body in only two weeks, but you need several weeks to see the wonderful real results.

Sometimes the appearance of a woman changes after birth. As a result, the abdomen protrudes, the skin loosens and sagging, and the skin fat and cracks do not go away despite exercise and dieting. In this case, the woman’s body will not return to what it was before pregnancy, because the functional characteristics of her body have changed. The only way to eliminate excess fat, tighten loose skin and repair separate abdominal muscles, is to perform an Abdominoplasty at Park International Medical Center to get rid of the postpartum effects.

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